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Before you go


We know that many things add up to a perfect trek or expedition; weather and route conditions, logistics, equipment, cooks, porters and food; our Guides’ experiences and interests go beyond merely climbing mountains or explore Inca temples. You’ll find them a wealth of information on nearly aspect of your trek or tour; local culture, language, history, food, plants and animals, weather, and geology. Many of them are also professionals in other fields, including archaeology, history, and geology.

Peru has amazing mountain scenery and mystical Incan archeological sites. To us trekking and tour guiding is an art so we provide a select team of professionals all of them nature lovers, and experienced English speakers who can explain the history and culture of our homeland.

Our staff takes a slightly different approach to life than regular office employees. We take pride in looking after our team and pay our staff (including cooks and porters) an above average wage.

We support the rural communities with our Community Projects by donating a percentage of our profits organized directly by us or in association with local non-governmental organizations (NGO’s). We mainly support rural communities from where our porters and other employees come from. We also support small communities along the routes that we operate. In the past we have received help from tourists who have donated second hand clothes, shoes, school equipment, etc. Every Christmas we choose three communities and coordinate with them on different projects. The same day our Inca trail cooks prepare hot chocolate which is served with a Christmas cake and share presents with the children of the community.


Create and generate job for our local community people who love and have passion in this work with effort and dedication to support their families for better life. Peruvian government has never considered them in their plans of development. We feel this is an obligation and compromise for us.
Top guides for top clients. Continual quality improvement our trips, up-dating qualification of our staff and guides.
100% operated by Sunrise Peru Trek and guaranteed departures.

Before You Go

Before you go to Peru, we recommended you learn something about the countries you want to visit: culture, religion, geography, politics and local customs we strongly recommend to get a good travel guide such as: Lonely Planet guides or hand book. They are very useful before and during your staying.
Try to speak at least a few words of Spanish. You will make a big impression by doing it and it’s also a show of respect and interest on your part.

While you are there

You must know how to Respect local customs, traditions and culture always ask before photographing local people.
Pay special attention while attending church and religious ceremonies.
Try to support the local economy by buying local products for your grocery needs and locally produced handicrafts.
Never buy products made from endangered species such as coral, shells, feathers, leather or ancient artifact.
Don’t be obsessed with getting the lowest price when haggling. A few pence to you may be a bid deal for the seller
Be careful with what do you eat.


Machupicchu Tour & Amazon 7 Days

Machupicchu Tour & Amazon Jungle Trip

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Inca Trail & Amazon Jungle Trip

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Inca Trail Trek & Peru Tours 15 Days

Inca Trail Trek & Peru Tours

Duration: 15 Days / 14 Nights Place to visit: Colca canyon, Titicaca, Puno, Cusco, Inca Trail, Machu Picchu, etc.
Machu Picchu Classic Tour 4 Days

Machu Picchu Classic Tour

Duration: 4 Days / 3 Nights Place to visit: Cusco, Pisaq, Ollantaytambo and Machu Picchu
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