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Inca Trail Tours to Machu Picchu

Inca Trail Tours is considered to be one of the most wonderful adventure activities in Peru;  is blessed with splendid mountain views of the Vilcabamba range; it takes you to the Inca Sanctuary of Machu Picchu; a spiritual center of the Incas.  The path of Inca Trail Tours is 45km in total; trekkers who complete this believe that it will bring them a lifetime experience.

The Inca Trail Tours is not only hiking in one of the most naturally beautiful parts of the world, but you will also be able to explore remnants of the great Inca culture throughout the entire Classic Inca Trial to Machu Picchu.  For multiple days in a row; trekkers of the Inca Trail Tours will be passing through ancient military check points along the Inca Tail; as well as be able to explore Inca temples and ceremonial locations.  The Inca Trail Tours are a truly unique chance to trek as well as be able to get a glimpse into the lives of the Inca people.

The Inca Trail video

The Ruins Visited During the Inca Trail Tours

Inca Trail ToursLlacta Pata .-   Located at 2,680m in the bank of the Urubamba River/valley, the name means:  the Town on the Hillside, is the first of the Inca ruins that you come across if you begin at the traditional starting point for the Classic Inca Trail, Kilometre 82 or Pisqhakuchu, which is where the trekkers start. It is easy to walk past it thinking that it is just an uninteresting set of agricultural terraces.
Inca Trail Tours

 Runkuraqay .-  Located at 3,800m the name means: Egg Hut, it was probably an Inca ”tambo” or post house which got its name from its oval shape. From the bottom of the valley after the First Pass it is about half way up to the Second Pass; which is also called Runkuracay Pass (4,000m). There are superb views from the ruins.

Inca Trail ToursSayaqmarka.-  Located at 3,580m. The name means Inaccessible Town or possibly Dominant Town. On descending the Trail from the Second Pass; and approaching the bottom of the valley Sayaqmarka will be seen a short way up the hillside on the left. From it there are good views of the Second and Third Passes. Although Sayaqmarka is a much bigger ruin than Runkuraqay; the colors of the stone work seem to blend in with the landscape; so photographs of it from a distance don’t always turn out very well. Needless to say this picture was taken inside the ruins.
Inca Tunnel.- it’s a 20 meters long tunnel that the Incas dug through solid rock without modern tools and equipment. The Trail passes through a forest and after the tunnel there is a gentle climb to the Third Pass.
Inca Trail ToursPhuyupatamarka.-  Located at 3,600m the name means  Cloud-Level Town, it’s located just after the Third Pass. From it you can see down to the River Urubamba and the terraces of Intipata and Wiñawayna. The views are evenbetter from the high ground just to the side of the Third Pass; since from there you can also see back along the trail stretching from Sayaqmarka; as well as the snow-capped peak of Salcantay (6,270 metres), among other mountains.
Intipata.- Intipata means Sun Place. When the first walker the Inca Trail in 1989; Intipata was not visible as it was covered by vegetation but it has since been cleared. Most hikers by-pass it as the Trail descends steeply in what feels like many hundreds of steps to Wiñawayna which is a little bit further on and lower down. The terraces of Intipata have a convex shape whereas those of Wiñawayna are concave.
Inca Trail ToursWiñawayna.- Located at 2,600m the name means Forever Young, it is the romantic name of these ruins that were only discovered in 1941. They are as beautiful as the name – a lot more impressive close-up than seen from a distance – with many buildings in addition to the terraces. There are good views of Wiñawayna from lower down on a recently opened branch of the Trail which joins the main branch near the ruins.
Intipunku.-  known as the Sun Gate is in the notch on the hillside. It is at the Sun Gate that hikers get their first sight of their destination – Machu Picchu, the so-called Lost City of the Incas.


Deatiled Itinerary



  • All transfers mentioned in the itinerary
  • Accommodation in tents /double rooms
  • Meals as mentioned in the itinerary
  • Informative presentation about the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu
  • Transportation to head of trail (82 Km.)
  • English/Spanish-speaking professional guide during the Inca Trail
  • Personal pad (double foam)
  • Tents
  • Cook and cooking equipment
  • Porters service (to carry the tents and cooking equipment only)
  • Entrance ticket to Inca Trail and Machu Picchu
  • Guided visit to Machu Picchu and the ruins along the trail
  • One way bus ticket from Machu Picchu to Aguas Calientes
  • Expedition train ticket from Aguas Calientes to Ollantaytambo
  • Transfer from Ollantaytambo train station to Hotel in Cusco
  • Vegetarian food available on request with no extra charge
  • First Aid equipment

Please Note: Porters will carry the heavy gear; you will hike carrying only your personal pack, sleeping bag and pad.

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Inca Trail Tours

Inca Trail Tours in Peru

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Inca Trail Tours

Inca Trail Tours in Peru

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